Saturday, December 03, 2011

Darth Revan (right) and his Sith Apprentice, Darth Malak.

RISE OF THE SITH... As promised in this previous journal entry last Monday, I was gonna post some cool artwork of Star Wars villains Darth Revan, Darth Malak and Darth Malgus on my Blog. Do a Google search to read more about these Sith Lords and how they had an impact on the Galactic Republic thousands of years before the birth of the Empire and the pivotal Battle of Yavin (a.k.a. the X-Wing attack on the Death Star at the end of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope).

- I’ll start things off by saying that Revan was actually a Jedi who became a Dark Lord of the Sith during the Mandalorian Wars...making Malak (another fallen Jedi) his Apprentice before Revan would later convert back to the Light Side of the Force and kill Malak in a lightsaber duel.

I’ll let you do research on Darth Malgus—though judging from the artwork I stumbled upon and posted below, all you need to know is that he was one major badass when he wrought havoc on the Old Republic during the Great Galactic War. Good stuff. These illustrations are awesome.

Darth Malak and his Sith Master, Darth Revan.

Darth Revan.

Darth Malak is ready for combat.

Darth Malgus leads his army away from a city he's just left in ruins.

Darth Malgus.

Darth Malgus, uncloaked.

Darth Malgus is ready for battle.

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