Friday, November 21, 2008

KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, KUTCHER... posted this article yesterday about That 70’s Show’s Ashton Kutcher showing up on Bill Maher’s Real Time Program a week ago...and Kutcher didn’t sound so enthused about NASA’s exploration of Mars in this transcript:


KUTCHER: Can we just stop sending stuff to Mars? We're not going to do anything.

MAHER: We just had another shuttle launch today.

KUTCHER: I just don't understand. If we really wanted to start cutting back - other than military - let's just stop sending stuff to Mars.

MAHER: the only ones who care about it are the scientists who send it. They see that little baby stroller that gets up there - and it touches a rock - and they all high five.

ROS-LEHTINEN: On this launch the big experiment was turning urine into water. Just a couple billion turning urine into water.

KUTCHER: Can't we turn urine into water here though? Why do we have to go to Mars to do it? Really, are we going to open a plant on Mars that's gonna do this?

OTHER GUEST: Its the "spirit of adventure".


MAHER: Mars looks suspiciously like the drive from LA to Vegas.

KUTCHER: We send things to Mars. But there are thousands of children that are sold into the sex slave trade every single day. But we send stuff to Mars instead of solving that problem. There's Africa where people are dying of Malaria. There's a quantifiable solution to the problem - and yet we send stuff to Mars - instead of getting bed nets for these people.


Kutcher’s so-called argument was rendered moot the second he used that whole clich├ęd "Will someone PLEEAAASE think of the children??" diatribe to criticize the space program.

Newsflash, Ashton: The sex slave trade is taking place in other countries... Just what should America do to take care of this? Meddle in these nations’ affairs? Send our law enforcement to Southeast Asia or Europe or something? Or heck— Have our troops perform some police action like what we did in Somalia from 1992 to '94, and currently in Iraq? Yea— As Yanks, we might wanna tone it down a bit.

(UPDATE: Kutcher must have watched the movie Role Models recently...seeing as how Paul Rudd's character makes a comment about sex slaves during a camping trip he and Sean William Scott's character went on in the film. If that's the case, you just proved the assertion that Hollywood actors really don't think for themselves—let alone think, PERIOD—Mr. Kutcher. Otherwise, the folks at TMZ would have to find new jobs.)

AND HERE’S SOMETHING FOR YOU, KUTCHER: Since the U.S. government is 'more interested' in sending spacecraft to the Red Planet instead, why don’t YOU do something about Africa and use some of your millions of dollars that you no doubt received from such "noteworthy" films as The Butterfly Effect and What Happens in Vegas to buy those bed nets for these folks? C’mon Mr. Demi Moore... Be like Angelina Jolie and give the impression that you actually have a use...

To Ros-Lehtinen, do some research on this latest space shuttle mission before you try to give an opinion on it again... Or go back to Florida and pretend you’re doing your job as a congresswoman.

Maher has been a douche for the past decade or so...even BEFORE his Politically Incorrect show got cancelled because of his moronic comments over September 11...

UPDATE #2 (11:42 AM, PST): posted another article about the Dude Who Lost His Car...this time mentioning how NASA is using its resources such as satellites and other space technology to help the people in Africa. Care to make another stupid comment for Strike 3, Ashton?

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